Download eType

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What’s next?

1. Run Program

When the window opens, you’ll be asked if you want to download eType. It might inform you that by accepting, you allow eType to make changes on your computer. This is a standard installation behavior.

Step 1: Run Program

2. Follow Setup Process

eType setup will guide you through the installation process, in which you’ll need to choose the dictionary’s languages.

* You’ll be able to change and add more in the settings window later.

Step 2: Follow Setup Process

3. Launch and Use

Once you launch eType, it will complete you when you type.

Your first tip: Use Ctrl+F8 keys to resume and pause eType.
Customize this and more at the settings.

Technical details
eType beta is now available and free to download and use. It runs on PC; Windows® XP service pack 2, Vista and 7. eType is available for use both online and offline. Internet connection is needed at first download and for dictionaries update.

Step 3: Launch and Use